College Readiness Instructor
High School

Harlem Village Academies
Harlem Village Academies is a community of educators working to build an urban K-12 school model based on the principles of progressive education. Located in Harlem, HVA is also the demonstration site for the Progressive Education Institute

What makes Harlem Village Academies different?

Teachers here have more than a voice: we are trusted every day to make important decisions for our schools. Each of us is passionate about creating a rich intellectual life for ourselves and our students. We deeply value the craft of excellent teaching. As educators, we are constantly digging deeper into the intricacies of learning and student work. We plan curriculum together, observe each other's lessons, and talk all the time about teaching. We are lit up with entrepreneurial drive, and the intellectual energy is palpable.
Progressive Educational Philosophy
“Are we forming children who are only capable of learning what is already known or should we try to develop creative and innovative minds?” – Piaget   
We believe students learn best through experience, deep engagement and discovery. We want our students to be intellectually curious, creative, and independent. We want them to love reading, to be articulate and reflective. We want them to be open-minded as well as skeptical, to take initiative, and to be kind, respectful and compassionate. Students should spend their school days constructing knowledge, grappling with text, and doing the intellectual heavy lifting, with teachers as adept guides.
The Opportunity
The College Programs team ensures that every Harlem Village Academies High student is admitted into a best-fit college, and seeks to matriculate at least 90% of our seniors into college.  The College Readiness Instructor teaches a comprehensive college preparation course to 11th and 12th grade students, using curriculum developed by OneGoal. The course addresses college awareness, SAT preparation, college admissions standards, finding the right match, financial aid, and the personal statement writing process. The College Readiness Instructor, through high-quality instruction and powerful relationships, motivates and inspires students to work hard and climb the mountain to and through college.

·         Plan and teach high-quality, engaging College Prep courses to all juniors and seniors
·         Establish and uphold classroom expectations that support students to develop ownership over their learning and college preparation process
·         Plan and lead college awareness activities including parent nights and selected college trips
·         Analyze data on student progress and use it to inform instruction and supports to students
·         Plan and coordinate practice SAT exams on three Saturdays during the school year
·         Maintain close relationships with students and families, including phone calls and conferences
·         Full-time classroom teaching experience at the high school level, with strong student achievement results, strongly preferred
·         Experience working successfully with first-generation college-bound students and their families from diverse socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds
·         Ability to create a class environment in which students feel safe, supported and challenged to engage deeply in meaningful work
·         Highly thoughtful and reflective, committed to always getting smarter with colleagues, reflecting on mistakes, welcoming feedback and making continual adjustments in your practice
·         Flexibility, strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit; passionate about joining a team with a high level of responsibility for ensuring that over 90% of our seniors matriculate to college
·         Familiarity with SAT preparation and college entrance exams
·         Strong interest in college counseling

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