2016-17 High School Track and Cross Country Coach
High School

Harlem Village Academies
Harlem Village Academies is a community of educators working to build an urban K-12 school model based on the principles of progressive education. Located in Harlem, HVA is also the demonstration site for the Progressive Education Institute

Progressive Educational Philosophy
We believe students learn best through experience, deep engagement and discovery. We want our students to be intellectually curious, creative, and independent. We want them to love learning, to be articulate and reflective. Students should spend their school days constructing knowledge, grappling with questions, and doing the intellectual heavy lifting, with teachers as adept guides.


  • Plan and implement safe, engaging, and rigorous track and cross country practices
  • Lead instruction to enhance students’ track and cross country skills 4 days a week from 4pm to 6pm
  • Attend and coordinate all practices and games
  • Manage student attendance and sporting equipment
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times


  • Two years of coaching track and cross country experience in grades 7-12 preferred
  • Highly motivated and ability to work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision
  • Ability to create a class environment in which students feel safe, supported and challenged to engage deeply in meaningful work
  • A strong sense of personal accountability for student achievement
  • Unshakeable conviction that all students can learn at a high level
  • Highly thoughtful and reflective, committed to always getting smarter with colleagues, reflecting on mistakes, welcoming feedback and making continual adjustments in your practice

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